HR Officer for both WIV-ISP and CODA-CERVA in Elsene-Ixelles and Ukkle-Uccle

As the Scientific Institute of Public Health (WIV-ISP) is gonna merge with the Veterinary and Agrochemical Research Center (CODA-CERVA), the HR teams from both sites are looking together for a common way to manage their HR daily tasks. As this requests a lot of time and energy, I have been asking to give some support during 5 weeks with some daily tasks, related to Talent Evaluation and Development, such as :

  • Follow-up of employees’ evaluation : check if they all have an up-to date file, in order to contact them when some document are missing, check if their job description fits with their grade, etc…
  • Follow-up of employee’s development : encode participation of CODA-CERVA’s employees inside the training management system which was already accessible for WIV-ISP’s employees.
  • Organization of training’s thanks to the establishment of a clear request, a search for several trainers, sending to some of them our offer request, compare offers, contact the chosen trainer, organizing practical aspects such as room and material location, and finally, create some communication to send to our employees in order to let them know about this training. Then, collect all mail exchange for the sales department.
  • Summarize employees’s need for development for next year, through an analyse with Pivot Table in Excel.

This experience teaches me that I should dare to behave with self-confidence, and that I can actually better deal with several tasks at the same time, than with one task at the time.