Group HR Talent Officer – Puratos

Second time in Puratos Company! (first one as a student, this time as temporary job, … who knows how I will grow up with them in the future :-))

Some years ago, Puratos Company decided to Grow its Magic through the implementation of SuccessFactors as a Talent Management & Acquisition tool.
During the first months, my mission consisted in launching welcome emails to about 7100 employees around the world when receiving the green light of their HR Responsible. The employees had then to log in for the first time and complete their Public and Talent Profile. I also took part to the launching of assessment forms (Objectives & Performance and Growth Potential),

I had the opportunity to write some user guides and give some webinars to the HR responsibles. In each country, those Key Users are helping us to make it clear for each employees, no matter their language or computer skills. I also gave support in understanding how to create a calibration session.

After each Assessment Session, I was in charge of collecting Employee’s data in Excel files or PowerPoint presentations. (KPI analysis)

Between two assessment sessions, I gave a part of my time in the organisation of induction weeks and seminars.


This experience has renforce my knowledge of English, but it has also reveal my affinity with software use as a evidence, and my capacity to help people discovering sofwares. My dream than was to become SF consultant.